Problems with your countertop can ruin your perfect kitchen design. Beautiful natural stone, granite and quartz countertops add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen design, but imperfections can ruin the effect you are looking to achieve.

There are some common countertop problems that you may encounter over the years, continue reading for advice on how to fix them.

Cracks Along the Edges

Edge cracks often occur when you have heavy cabinets or appliances that are sitting on the edges of your countertop. If you intend using heavy appliances on the countertop, then ensure it is reinforced with additional support to reduce the risk of cracks or stop the cracks from getting any worse.

Cracks can also occur as stress cracks caused by heat damage from appliances. Any heating appliances placed on the countertop should have excellent ventilation to reduce the risk of damaging the countertop.

Stone is Looking Dull

Many home owners find that the stone on their countertop starts to dull, considerably faster than they may have anticipated. It’s not uncommon for countertops to not hold their natural shine and this is often a sign of the cleaning chemicals you have chosen to use. Change the cleaning products you use to improve the shine.

Countertop finish also plays a role in the shine. Poor quality finishes can result in dull stone, which is why you need to ensure you source your countertop from a reputable and reliable supplier with a proven track record for high quality countertops.

Hot Dish Stains

There is nothing more upsetting than picking up a hot dish and seeing a nasty stain on your countertop. Any countertop can be damaged by heat, if the dish is hot enough. How you fix the problem is determined by the material of your countertop.

Depending on the surface material of your countertops, the solution to remove the stain will vary. For all types of counters the first step is to thoroughly clean the area so that no dirt or debris are left behind.

Laminate countertops are the most likely material to incur surface burns. In order to remove heat stains from laminate countertops you will use toothpaste, keep it on the stain for ten minutes and then using a soft brush, scrub the stain. The stain will disappear, in which you can wipe the surface clean. If you have a stainless steel countertop, use soda water instead of toothpaste and porcelain countertops, use baking soda and water mixture to achieve the same results.

Water Build Up

Water build up can happen with granite countertops, often around kitchen sink taps. This is when mineral rich hard water creates a circular stain on the countertop. It can be frustrating when no amount of scrubbing and water can remove the build up. The trick is to use a soft bristle brush and gentle cleaner and gently scrub the stain. You can use steel wool, if needed. If nothing works then speak to your countertop specialist to get a cleaner for the countertop that can remove the stain effectively.

Reduce the risk of water stains in the future by cleaning the countertops regularly, focusing on areas where water may collect to reduce the risk of build up moving forward.

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