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Transform Your Home with Expert Respraying by Fixation Surface Repairs Ltd

Transform Your Home with Expert Respraying by Fixation Surface Repairs Ltd When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, the colour and finish of your bi-folding doors play a pivotal role. Imagine the disappointment of receiving beautiful new doors, only to find they are the wrong colour. This was the dilemma faced by one of our recent customers In Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards cross, whose bi-folding doors arrived in brown instead of the ordered white. Fortunately, Fixation Surface Repairs Ltd. stepped in to transform the situation,...

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Flawless Kitchen Worktop Restoration in Buckhurst Hill: A Fixation Surface Repair Success Story

Flawless Kitchen Worktop Restoration in Buckhurst Hill: A Fixation Surface Repair Success Story At Fixation Surface Repair Specialists, we pride ourselves on transforming surfaces back to their original glory. Recently, we had the pleasure of helping a homeowner in Buckhurst Hill restore their kitchen worktop to pristine condition after a DIY painting attempt had unfortunately gone awry. The Problem: A Flaking Painted Worktop Our Buckhurst Hill customer had decided to refresh their kitchen by painting the worktop. Initially, the new look was satisfying, but over time, the paint...

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Rescuing Elegance: Fixation Surface Experts Restore Ibis Excel London’s Floor Integrity

Rescuing Elegance: Fixation Surface Experts Restore Ibis' Floor Integrity Situated in the heart of Excel, London, Ibis Hotel stands as a beacon of comfort and convenience for travellers from all walks of life. However, even the most meticulously maintained spaces can encounter challenges, as evidenced by the recent predicament faced by Ibis: discoloured areas on the floors of approximately 200 rooms, giving the false impression of inadequate cleanliness. Damaged Floors Despite the hotel's unwavering commitment to hygiene, some guests expressed concerns about the appearance of the floors, mistaking...

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Restoring Elegance: Fixation Repair And Revitalise Novotels’ Doorways

Restoring Elegance: Fixation Repair And Revitalise Novotels’ Doorways Novotel Hotels, Excel, London, a bustling hub of activity and hospitality, recently faced a common yet pressing issue: worn-out entrance doors. With a staggering count of 100 doors showing signs of wear and tear, particularly in the bottom corners due to constant use, the management sought a solution that would restore these essential elements without disrupting the hotel's busy schedule. Enter Fixation Surfaces, a trusted name in repair and renovation, tasked with breathing new life into Novotel's doorways. Considerations In...

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Fixation Surface Repair Specialists: Restoring Security and Peace of Mind for Grays Resident

Fixation Surface Repair Specialists: Restoring Security and Peace of Mind for Grays Resident In the quiet town of Grays, Essex, a homeowner faced a harrowing experience when a thief attempted to gain unauthorised access to their home by tampering with a UPVC window. The criminal, armed with cutting tools, inflicted damage to the window frame in an attempt to pilfer valuable possessions, including the homeowner's car keys. Fortunately, the thief's efforts were thwarted, but the incident left behind a visible reminder of the intrusion. Faced with the aftermath of...

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Fixation Selected by Sir Robert McAlpine

Fixation Selected by Sir Robert McAlpine Fixation repairs are delighted to have been selected by Sir Robert McAlpine to conduct various surface repairs at their prestigious Morello Phase II project in Croydon. We currently have a team of technicians, carrying out repairs, ranging from damaged aluminium frames, chips and scratches to kitchen cabinets, chips to baths and various other items of damage detected during the build process. The £350 million regeneration scheme consists of two 25-storey towers which will provide 338 flats and a further 118 flats for shared...

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Common Countertop Problems and How to Fix Them

Problems with your countertop can ruin your perfect kitchen design. Beautiful natural stone, granite and quartz countertops add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen design, but imperfections can ruin the effect you are looking to achieve. There are some common countertop problems that you may encounter over the years, continue reading for advice on how to fix them. Cracks Along the Edges Edge cracks often occur when you have heavy cabinets or appliances that are sitting on the edges of your countertop. If you intend using heavy appliances on the...

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Looking for Experts in UPVC Repairs?

Did you know even the worst damaged UPVC can usually be repaired? This is because this material is highly flexible and can be coaxed back into shape. Repairing this type of material is not only much more affordable than having it replaced, but it is also much better for the environment. Since UPVC contains plastic it is not biodegradable although it can be recycled when melted down. Whether you have damage to your UPVC windows or doors, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists Limited can carry out the most efficient repairs. UPVC...

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Call Today For UPVC Repairs

Like many other tough materials, people don’t expect damage to happen to UPVC, and when it does, they immediately assume it’s irreparable. A type of plastic, UPVC is undoubtedly a super-strong material which is why it’s so popular for window and door frames; but even so, it’s not immune to damage like cracking or burns. This material can also incur stains which might lead you to believe that it needs replacing altogether. However, that’s not necessarily the case, having it repaired offers many benefits- not least to the environment. Why...

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Repair Chipped Tiles

Get your kitchen or bathroom back up to code by having our team at Fixation, work their magic on your property. We aim to be the team you think of whenever you need a tile repair, colour change, improvement or modification, We’ll send our team or repair technicians down to your site or property, making sure that any damages that have come from other trades during the building process or from general wear and tear. We will repair surfaces of your structure to a point where after our repair work...

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Kitchen Cabinet Repairs To The Finest Standards

Do you have beautiful kitchen cabinets that are on the older side? As one of the busiest parts of the home, it’s not surprising our kitchen suffers more wear-and-tear than other rooms. Whatever damage they have, having your cabinets repaired rather than replaced it easier, more affordable and better for the environment. If you would rather have them repaired rather than replaced, Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists have the skills and experience needed to restore damaged cabinets to their former glory. We can not only carry out repairs, but we can...

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Need A Technician To Repair Chipped Tiles?

Do you have beautiful tiles that have suffered damage? Would you like to have them restored to their former glory? Whether they’re scratched, chipped or cracked, Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists can work their magic and make them look just like new. Our clients include homeowners, landlords, tradespeople, tenants and national house builders. Our technicians repair all sorts of hard surfaces in people’s homes and businesses, therefore reducing the amount of household waste that ends up in landfills and saving you money at the same time. 81% of household waste ends...

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Do You Need Exterior Brick Repairs?

If you want to transform your exterior brickwork, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists Limited regularly carry out brick and stone repairs. Whether your bricks are chipped, stained or worn down, we can make repairs without them having to be replaced, saving you significant amounts of time and money. This is also much better for the environment since it creates less waste. As you can see from our before and after pictures, we can work miracles on even the most damaged brick or stonework. Whether your exterior bricks have been damaged by...

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Do You Need Expert Kitchen Cabinet Repairs?

Whatever hard surfaces need fixing in your kitchen, then chances are our team can help. Our Kitchen Chameleon services are one of our most popular services, giving your old kitchen cabinets and doors a new lease of life. Having your kitchen cabinets repaired is much more affordable but also better for the environment since it reduces the amount of household waste. Instead of filling up a landfill site, you’ll be essentially recycling your old surfaces. Most hard surfaces can be fixed more easily and inexpensively than you might realise. Instead...

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Call Now for Professional Bath Repairs

Whether you have a cracked or chipped bathtub, that doesn’t mean the whole thing needs to be replaced. Having it repaired is not only more cost-effective, but it’s also much better for the environment. Fixation Surface Repair Specialists Limited regularly make repairs to bathtubs including those in a variety of colours, not just those which are white. Repairing rather than replacing your bathtub can save you both money and significant amounts of upheaval. You not only have to pay for a new bathtub but need to finance the plumber’s bills....

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Skilled Technicians For Kitchen Worktop Repairs

Do you have beautiful kitchen worktops that need repairs? Don’t hesitate to give our team a call today. Our experienced technicians at Fixation Surface Repair Specialists have restored all kinds of surfaces to their former glory. We work with a wide range of clients including private individuals, landlords, tradesmen and construction companies. We can save you time and money by having your kitchen worktops repaired rather than replaced. Many worktops cost thousands to replace, not to mention the fact that having it removed and installed disrupts your everyday routine. You...

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Do You Need Professional Veneer Repairs?

Whether you need repairs to veneer or laminated surfaces, you can rely on our skilled and experienced team- we repair all types of veneers including those on wooden furniture and doors. Repairing veneers can be trickier than other surfaces due to the fact you need to find the ideal match for the surrounding surface. In other words, replacing a veneer is easy but finding the right match isn’t. However, it can be done! Why have veneers repaired rather than replaced? Having veneers repaired rather than buying new furniture is not...

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Searching For Experts In Laminated Flooring Repairs?

Want to make your laminate flooring look like new? Even if it looks beyond repair, the chances are it can still be repaired. Repairing flooring is not only more affordable, but it will also save you time and hassle, not to mention the fact that it’s better for the environment. The less household waste that ends up at landfill sites, the better. Laminate flooring tends to be installed in high traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens. It’s perfect for busy homes and offices which need tough flooring. Although it’s resilient,...

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Searching For Experts In Bath Repairs?

Is your bathtub cracked, chipped or rusting? There’s no need to tear out your bath and endure the inconvenience of having a team working in your bathroom, interrupting your routine. While it might look beyond repair, a vast majority of the time that’s not the case. Usually, the damage can easily be repaired by an experienced technician, even if the tub is leaking. Having your bath repaired rather than replaced is not only more convenient and affordable, it’s much better for the environment, with most old fixtures ending up in...

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Need Experienced Technicians For Enamel Sink Repairs?

Have you dropped a heavy item in your sink and heard a loud crack? Discovered damage that’s either unsightly or dangerous? Whether it’s caused hairline cracks, chips or dents, there are many reasons to have a sink repaired rather than replaced. Firstly, it’s more affordable and could save you significant amounts of money. Secondly, it’s much less hassle and will cause less interruption to your routine. It’s also much better for the environment since your old sink won’t end up at a landfill. Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists Limited can carry...

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Need Technicians For Expert Chipped Brick Repairs?

Has the corner of your bricks chipped off? Would you prefer to have it replaced than have an expensive, labour intensive replacement? Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can repair all kinds of hard surfaces, from brick and stone to UPVC, tiles, wood and laminate. We look to make it easier and more affordable to repair hard surfaces at your home or business. This will not only save you money, but it is also much better for the environment. It is also much less disruptive with our team capable of making repairs...

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Do You Require Quality UPVC Repairs?

Want to get rid of nasty burn marks on UPVC? Our technicians are like magicians for your hard surfaces and can completely restore all kinds of materials to their former glory. Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists Limited regularly make UPVC repairs for both private and commercial customers. We’re highly experienced in fixing all types of damage to UPVC including cracks, holes, scratches, scuffs and staining, even attempted break in’s. We’re passionate about restoring hard surfaces without having to have them replaced, including UPVC. Whether you have window or door frames that...

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Do You Need Exterior Brick Repairs?

Many hard surfaces are easier to repair than you might imagine. While the damage might look catastrophic and irreparable, that isn’t always the case.All you need is an expert technician who knows the best possible techniques and will take the time to repair damage to the highest standards possible, like our experts at Fixation Surface Repair Specialists.Our services are particularly popular with housing developers who need repairs to stone sills, which are more liable to damage than other parts of a property.Having them repaired is not only more affordable but...

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Skip the need for a skip

HOW REPAIR INSTEAD OF SKIPPING CAN SAVE YOU MONEY UK home owners undergoing renovation projects often forget a hidden cost in their budgeting. That is, the hire of skips. Unfortunately, the cost of skip hire has almost doubled in 2014 due to HM Revenue & Customs applying a large tax hike last year. Waste contractors in particular are furious that the controversial “Skip Tax” is back. Industry figures say that the cost of hiring a skip has soared because HMRC has implemented a whopping 2,700 per cent rise in the...

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