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Rescuing Elegance: Fixation Surface Experts Restore Ibis’ Floor Integrity

Situated in the heart of Excel, London, Ibis Hotel stands as a beacon of comfort and convenience for travellers from all walks of life. However, even the most meticulously maintained spaces can encounter challenges, as evidenced by the recent predicament faced by Ibis: discoloured areas on the floors of approximately 200 rooms, giving the false impression of inadequate cleanliness.

Damaged Floors

Despite the hotel’s unwavering commitment to hygiene, some guests expressed concerns about the appearance of the floors, mistaking the bleached spots for neglect. In reality, these blemishes were the result of cleaning solutions inadvertently affecting the floor’s finish, rather than any lapse in cleaning standards. Understanding the importance of maintaining the hotel’s reputation for excellence, Ibis management swiftly sought a solution to restore the integrity of their floors.

Enter Fixation Surface Repair Specialists, renowned for their expertise in surface restoration and meticulous attention to detail. Tasked with the challenging endeavour of revitalising Ibis Excel London’s floors, Fixation embraced the opportunity to showcase their proficiency while accommodating the hotel’s bustling schedule.

With around 200 rooms requiring attention, Fixation devised a comprehensive plan to address the discoloured areas efficiently and effectively. Their approach was underpinned by a commitment to minimising disruption to the hotel’s operations, ensuring that guests could continue to enjoy a seamless experience amidst the restoration process.

Collaborating closely with Ibis management, Fixation coordinated the restoration efforts to align with the hotel’s busy schedule. This strategic planning allowed for the systematic repair of the affected areas without impeding the daily routines of guests and staff.


Utilising their advanced surface repair techniques, Fixation meticulously restored the floors to their original splendour, eliminating the unsightly discolouration caused by the cleaning solutions. Each repair was executed with precision, seamlessly blending with the surrounding flooring to achieve a flawless finish.

Ibis Hotel’s decision to entrust Fixation with the restoration of their floors underscores the mutual respect and trust shared between the two entities. By demonstrating unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Fixation has cemented their reputation as a reliable partner in maintaining the integrity of hospitality spaces.

Bleach damage on a bathroom floor.

Bleach damage on a bathroom floor

A restored bathroom floor.

The restored bathroom floor


As a result of Fixation’s efforts, Ibis Excel London now boasts floors that radiate cleanliness and sophistication, reaffirming the hotel’s commitment to providing a superior guest experience. Guests can once again step into rooms adorned with immaculate flooring, free from the misconceptions that previously clouded their perceptions.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Ibis Excel London and Fixation Surface Repair Specialists exemplifies the power of partnership in overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable outcomes. Through meticulous craftsmanship and a shared dedication to excellence, Fixation has restored the integrity of Ibis’s floors, preserving the hotel’s reputation as a premier destination in London’s hospitality landscape.

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