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Restoring Elegance: Fixation Repair And Revitalise Novotels’ Doorways

Novotel Hotels, Excel, London, a bustling hub of activity and hospitality, recently faced a common yet pressing issue: worn-out entrance doors. With a staggering count of 100 doors showing signs of wear and tear, particularly in the bottom corners due to constant use, the management sought a solution that would restore these essential elements without disrupting the hotel’s busy schedule. Enter Fixation Surfaces, a trusted name in repair and renovation, tasked with breathing new life into Novotel’s doorways.


In a hospitality setting, where guest experience is paramount, the condition of entrance doors plays a crucial role. They are not merely functional elements but also serve as the first impression of the hotel’s ambiance and standards. Recognising this, Novotel partnered with Fixation Surfaces to address the widespread issue effectively.

Fixation took on the challenge with a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the hotel’s operational needs. Their approach was twofold: delivering superior repairs while minimising disruption to the hotel’s daily operations. With Novotel’s bustling schedule in mind, Fixation Surfaces devised a meticulous plan to carry out the repairs with precision and efficiency.

One of the key considerations was to work around the hotel’s busy schedule, ensuring that guests experienced minimal inconvenience during their stay. Fixation coordinated closely with the hotel management to identify optimal time slots for door repairs, strategically planning the work to avoid peak hours and guest traffic.

The scope of work primarily focused on addressing damage to the bottom corners of the doors, a common issue arising from continuous use. Fixation deployed their expertise and specialised techniques to restore the doors to their former glory. Each repair was executed with precision, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure seamless integration with the hotel’s aesthetic.

Damage on the corner of a hotel room door.

Typical damage found on the room doors

The lower corner of a repaired hotel room door.

The completed door repair


Novotel’s confidence in Fixations’ ability to deliver high-quality results speaks volumes about the strength of their partnership. The hotel management entrusted Fixation with a critical task, demonstrating a shared commitment to maintaining superior standards of hospitality. This mutual trust and respect underscore the enduring relationship between the two entities, founded on a shared vision of excellence.

In conclusion, meticulous planning, superior craftsmanship, and a shared commitment to quality, Fixation Surfaces has revitalised the hotel’s entrance doors, leaving a lasting impression on guests and reinforcing Novotel’s reputation as a premier destination in London’s hospitality landscape.

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